Admission Procedure


  • Certificate Courses Offered by University of Madras:
    Accounting & Tally:
    This course enables the students to become an accountant and impart basic accounting knowledge irrespective of their stream of subjects.
  • Other Certificate Courses:
    Advanced Tally and Taxation course:
    To gain knowledge in computing various taxes like Value added tax, sales tax and income tax this certificate course is pursued by the students.
  • Japanese Language Courses: The students of this course have to undergo the examination conducted by the Japan foundation.
  • Certificate Course on Philosophy of Dr.Daisaku Ikeda and Soka Education: This course is offered to promote the knowledge about Dr.Daisaku Ikeda's philosophy of charecter development and social engagement for peace.
  • DMLT: This is a two years course on Diploma programme in Medical Laboratory Technology for the students of Biochemistry in which the students are trained in various laboratory techniques.
  • Networking & Security (compTIA+): This course is a basic networking course which makes the student aware of the latest tools and techniques in networking.
  • Assistive Technology for Visually Challenged: The Department of Tamil in Collaboration with National Association for Blind, Madhavaram initiated and organizes a course on Assistive Technology for Visually Challenged in the Soka Ikeda College Campus.